Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Family Feline and His Hair Fetish

Here are the purposes of this post:

1) Our cat is adorable and strangely human and huge- case in point (foot for size reference, you're welcome)2) He does this kinda weird but endearing thing where he is obsessed with hair, he lays on it and rolls around on it and head butts your head- I think he thinks I'm a cat, so don't tell him if you ever met him. He couldn't take it. In the following picture, it's hard to tell where my hair ends and his fur begins. Get ready to get tweaked out on cuteness...

I love that blissful "This is the life" look he has on his face. I gotta say, I'm glad Arielle forced us to take him back from Kate, who I dumped him on when I jaunted off to Japan. Yeah. We have a complicated relationship. We're working on it.

I do have to admit though that he is lanky and kind of scraggly looking and he leaves tufts of hair all over our house, so that if we don't vacuum at least twice a week our carpet starts looking like dalmation fur. He also begs for food like we abuse him, and he demands to be fed until he yaks it up all over the floor. Again. No one is perfect. Osiris is a work in progress. As long as we keep his belly shaved and Arielle feeds him I'm pretty sure he won't try and smother us in our sleep.

Pretty sure.

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  1. I really love how happy he looks all nuzzled in your hair. I wish I could be a cat, they're always so happy and lazy.