Friday, February 6, 2009


Check the title of this post- they're in order. Congratulations that is. In sum, congratulations are in order.

Who is going to partake of this order of fresh from the kitchen congratulations? KARIN! Because she just landed herself an awesome job (and let me just take the time to say that she's making the exact same amount as I was making when I returned home from Japan. Did I mention she's 5 years younger than me? And I had a college degree when I came home? I'm trying to say she rocks, if you haven't gotten the memo yet).

Yay Karin! The next time I see you, I'm going to sing that song that goes "moo-oo-vin on U-up! To tha' East Side!". Because even though you're not actually moving anywhere physically, I want to tell you how well you're doing, so that then you'll buy me dinner.. I mean, you'll know how proud I am of you.


P.S.- I thought this picture looked like me singing to you. And it looks like you're listening in awe at how beautiful that singing is. Even though neither of those things are true.


  1. And she really did sing that song to me too. Not a "Hello Karin, what's up?" it was an immediate break into the song as soon as she picked up the phone.

  2. Ain't no time for niceties when mama's got a song to sing!