Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Last year my resolution was to say yes to as much as possible- as long as it wasn't illegal and didn't harm me or anyone else. The second part of this was to have no expectations- just go in headfirst and expect the best. This led to many interesting experiences- some good, some bad. I went out with lots of interesting people, suffered through some boring parties and sub par festivals, made new friends, discovered new neighborhoods, got lost in some scary ones, but overall had a pretty good time.

In general though, it's hard for me to get excited about New Year's resolutions because I'm constantly making mini-goals, setting up little tasks and challenges, trying to improve, and making lots of lists that I get to check things off of. So, the mini goal for January '09 to May '09 is a simple one. I'm currently taking 4 graduate classes and working full time. All I want is to finish the semester with, at minimum, a 3.0. I would be over the moon with a 3.5, and I wouldn't believe the numbers if it was a 4.0, but a 3.0 would give me a good satisfied feeling.

This mini-goal ties well into my general life resolution from last year- it's a good thing I said yes to so many things last year, because I'm pretty much going to be saying "no" to everything that isn't school, working, or working out for the next 4 months. But when it's over? So are ALL the classes for my master's degree. Just 4 months. 4 little months. It seems pretty innocuous when I type it out like that. Four months. Ack, that's scarier somehow. 4 months. Ah, that's better.

And the picture has nothing to do with this post- I just needed to figure out how to actually post a picture :)

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