Sunday, January 25, 2009


"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of."
Ben Franklin

I did so much this weekend, and got to see and catch up with so many friends and family. I think I've pretty painlessly sussed out the best way to build my schedule so that I don't go insane.
The thing about having such a tight schedule is that I swing wildly between seeing no one/doing nothing but school and work, and then having a jam packed social schedule where I have morning, noon, early evening, and late evening plans. I tried to tell a guy who wanted to take me out "seriously man, I'm busy. Not like those people who say they're busy but they're not *really* busy". He assured me he understood. After the past two weeks of trying unsuccessfully to pin me to a date and finding my dance card constantly full he finally said "You really ARE busy!"

Yes. Yes I am. But I had fun in the gayborhood Friday night with my friends listening to bad techno music and watching them learn to two step, and Saturday in yoga Arielle and I rejoiced in her being able to touch her toes, and Saturday afternoon my step-mama and I went to the King Tut exhibit and played in this crazy light and glass exhibit, and Saturday night I had a great talk with Scotty and just lazed around reading books and talking about life with Arielle and Kristen, and today I went to church with Lauren and Chris, and then church again with Karin and Josef, and later tonight I get to watch the L Word with friends I haven't had the pleasure of seeing in a long time.

Things are good :)

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