Friday, January 23, 2009

Bedtime Stories- Stories= All Bedtime

Last night I got home from my 4th and final class of the week. Class let out early at 9, so being the diligent student I am I decided to do next week's reading. I got out my book, kicked off my shoes, and curled up on my bed to read.

Speaking of my bed- I need you to understand the adoration I have for it. Perfect, firm queen sized mattress. T-shirt sheets in gray, fluffy down comforter in basic white, more pillows than are necessary. It's heaven, trust me. Did I mention I had finished my 4th class of the week? And had already worked 32 hours? And I thought I should read on my bed- which I'm sure, now that you have a description, you can agree is the most perfect environment for sleep ever created...

The point is, I woke up this morning at 7:30, fully clothed, after sleeping all night with my face in my book. From surveying the page that was my pillow last night, I saw I had read approximately one page. One page. Neat.

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