Saturday, March 5, 2011

2011 Goals Review: February

Me, around age 3, trying to reach for something a bit out of my grasp. It seemed appropriate, right?

February 4th-16th were spent in Ecuador and Peru, but I still think I did a good job of keeping to my goals, even on vacation. Let's see how February went...

Food and Fitness
Do at least two cardio workouts a week + three additional workouts (any type including yoga): We were incredibly active every single day of our vacation, from hiking and kayaking to snorkeling and climbing mountains, so I'm giving myself full credit for those two weeks. In the last 11 days of February however, I only went to the gym 3 times, all for yoga, and no cardio. Considering just how physically active we were on vacation, I'm not sweating it.
Get down to one soda and one coffee per week or less: I had two cups of coffee and one soda from Feb 1st to Feb 16th. I had a soda and a coffee in the first few days of being home, but in the last week I've only had a sip or two of soda, and no coffee. I think I've finally gotten back to where I was before, of just not wanting it and preferring water.
Give C25K another try (applies to cardio workout goal above): I will be starting C25K this Monday, March 7th!
Misc Goals and Projects
West Coast Swing lessons- aim for once a week, go at least twice a month; belly dancing lessons on Sundays: I'm starting belly dancing lessons this Sunday, and Bobby and I are getting back into our WCS lessons this coming week.
Finish rainbow quilt, blue crocheted baby blanket, and Kate’s quilt- work on similar projects at least twice a month: Since I finished the baby blanket and Kate's quilt, I'm now working on the rainbow quilt.
Scan in journals/letters/cards; finish editing pictures & deleting unwanted pics; organizing files: I have been organizing the pictures from our trip- we took 3,000, clearly there were a lot to cull since not all 3,000 were worth keeping- so that's been my main focus in this area. Once that's done my immediate goal is to scan in my journals.
Update blog at least twice a week/creative writing once a week: Check!

Career and Finances
Continue to volunteer with SSI and VE & complete Community Based Development Certificate: I'm still volunteering/interning with both places and I'm registered for my second to last class to get the certificate- it starts in March, and I should have the certificate completed by the end of summer.
Begin Teacher Certification program and internship in August:I just received an e-mail from the admissions director- everything is received, they're just waiting on my test results. The test is scheduled for April 9th, and I already have the study guide.
Try to find a part time job that works around current internships: Bobby and I talked about this I may need to put this on hold until I get my internship confirmation, which won't happen until May.
Personal Improvement
Read one book a week/52 books in a year-I finished one book in February- "Mockingjay" but I'm about to finish two more in the next day or so. That plus the 6 books I read in January still put me on schedule to meet this goal.
Regular Spanish study-Rosetta Stone, books, Spanish Word of the Day- at least 3 times a week
I spoke Spanish every single day while on vacation, and forced myself to practice it as much as possible even when I was insecure about it. I also studied right before I left. I only studied twice since coming home from vacation, but I checked out several books from the library last week to add to my rotation of materials.
No more than one hour of internet during weekdays-Vacation made this easy, as we were on a boat for half the time and then so busy in Peru that I only got on briefly. Since I've been home I've been doing pretty well, I'd say around and hour and a half, but I've been spending a lot of time online doing school prep, taxes, and filling out my FAFSA, and part of my internship project is to familiarize myself with WordPress to assist in our affiliates' blogging, so I don't know that I should get down about that too much.

Call all grandparents and parents at least once a month/ Send more mail (specifically to Great Granny monthly)- Check! I also mailed my mom and my dad postcards from the Galapagos and Peru, mailed them both their souvenirs, and sent my Great Granny postcards as well. Feb 27th was her birthday so I called her on that day too.
All in all February went very well. I would have liked to have read more while on vacation, but I did listen to two audiobooks on my iPod, although I didn't finish either. Considering we were on vacation for half the month I'm really happy with how much I stuck to my goals.

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