Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday Bobby and I spent almost 8 hours working a craft fair for the organization I intern with. We were in a Sunday School room at a church, along with three other booths. There were many more lining the hallways, and filling other rooms. Everyone was selling their wares, there was a bake sale, and the cafeteria was selling lunch. After about two hours in, Bobby turned me and said "Jesus would totally flip our tables over", referencing that story in the Bible where Jesus goes berserk on the moneychangers at the temple. I laughed and said "no, no, no, it's ok because we're selling silk scarves from Cambodia, not doves in cages". Anyway, it was much more funny in person because for one we were exhausted and for two we were bored.

Other highlights of the day included the coconut almond latte I had for breakfast, and the picture organizing I was able to do since I brought my laptop- multitasking win! Oh, and the old lady at the booth next to us earnestly telling an old man that "Canadians sneak over the border to have their babies in the US so they'll have US citizenship". Then a woman said "I'm Canadian and we DON'T do that!" and the old woman just pursed her lips, gravely shook her head and said "Yes, yes you do. It happens all the time over the border".

What the hell? As if Canada is some terrible 3rd world country that people are begging to escape. The Canadian woman just walked off, muttering under her breath about the old lady. Later, the old lady at the booth dropped another awkward bomb. A woman in a Crazy Horse sweater walked up to old lady's booth, and old lady inquired as to how the statue was coming along. Crazy Horse sweater lady- who looked to be Native American herself- said it was coming along great. Then old lady at the booth shook her head, pursed her lips, and spat out "I guess that's the next group we'll have to be giving land back to!". Crazy Horse sweater lady just kind of stood there for a moment, and then walked away shortly after. There were more verbal gems after that, but you get the drift.

At first, I just thought old lady at the booth was a bit out of it- but then I realized, no, she's just kind of a jerk. Furthermore, if one is selling things, it's usually a good idea not to make divisive and potentially inflammatory political statements to would-be customers who may hold different views. But maybe that's just me. I do know that Bobby and I made sure to surreptitiously whisper our moneychanger joke when no one was in the room, instead of, say, dressing up like Jesus and running down the hall flipping over tables screaming out the scriptural reference for our outburst. Tact, people, it's about tact.

After the craft fair we loaded up, unloaded at the teahouse, and then headed to Denver- about an hour's drive from us. We had a fine time at a Moroccan restaurant with good friends, and I do have to thank old lady at the booth for giving me some comedic fodder for dinner conversation *tips hat to old lady at the booth*.

And now for random pictures of the belly dancer at said Moroccan restaurant. She acted like she was a bit drunk. But she was a hell of a lot nicer than old lady at the booth, and she was funny, so we forgave her potential drunkenness and just chalked it up to her being "sassy".

Some of those dollar bills are from my friend, Mandy. The belly dancer admonished her with "Two hands! Use two hands!" when Mandy tried to slip the money in. With a skirt that tight, there was no slipping. The belly dancer gave good advice- Mandy had to pull the waistband away, and then slide in the money. All to the soundtrack of hand bells ringing and "two hands!" being repeated. Then Bill gave her more money, and got up and danced with her. I told you she was sassy (and or drunk).

After the belly dancer and dinner we hit up an awesome bar in downtown Denver called "Double Daughters". It looks like Tim Burton designed the inside. I never drink, so of course I drove home, but I was exhausted and it was touch and go there for a while as I fought sleep like a toddler- complete with whining about how tired I was. We slept in this morning, Bobby made biscuits and veggie sausage, and writing this blog post is about the most productive thing I've done all day.

Off to eat pizza for dinner. A cherry Coke will be involved. Life is good.


  1. Thank you! I've been meaning to put up a header, and I randomly threw that picture up there, and it fit, the words weren't over my face, and best of all, I didn't have to change to color so you could read the text. I like it when things work out that way :)

  2. If only my life was exciting as yours

  3. We're usually up to something, that's true :)

  4. whoops, hit post comment too soon- but you have tons of exciting things going on too Mr. I'm going back to school and am about to be a part owner in a business doing work I love :)