Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pictures from the Scanning Adventures: Japanese Amusement Park

Go ahead. Laugh at me. I'm laughing right now. That's me, purple hoodie, next to a terrified child, as we plunged into darkness on a Jurassic Park theme ride at Universal Studios Japan. I was there because we met our business goals, and the trip was a thank you from my employer. Of course, one entire day of the weekend was a business meeting, conducted entirely in Japanese, so I don't know how much of a reward it was in the end. Be sure and click on the picture and see how awesomely awkward every single person in this picture is.

Anytime I'm taking myself too seriously, or need a good laugh, all I have to do is pull up this picture. Works like a charm every time.


  1. Cortney. What the fuck is up with your face in that picture. Seriously.

    I laughed for like, a solid five minutes when I saw this. Good lord.

  2. HAHAHA, I'm laughing out loud at your comment and then laughing more because I'm looking at the picture again..

    This is solid gold laugh material. I should sell it as a cure for depression. And what IS up with my face?? It never looked like that before the pic, and has never looked like it's like a magical one of a kind moment caught on film, like witnessing a miracle... lol

  3. I hope if I'm ever a missing person, that they use this picture, lol.