Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Project Update

You may remember my posting awhile back about the two huge boxes of photos I wanted to have scanned in, organized, and then saved to my external harddrive, preferably by Jan 1st. Here is an idea of what just *one* entails...

Opening it up, I immediately wanted to just close it again and forget I saw anything.

But, it's like Pandora's Box. I started pulling photos out, as well as entire photo albums full of pictures.

I organize them into like groups before scanning them in, and the sorting sometimes takes longer than the scanning itself.

This is what the floor of our study looks like right now. Everything you see has already been scanned in, I'm just deciding on how I want to store the originals- back in the albums, or in the awesome Container Store photo storage boxes I purchased last year, when I simply organized a fraction of my photos, gave up, and didn't even consider the monumental task of scanning them in.

I've also written in the past about how I try to live with minimal possessions, and the process by which I gave away more and more of my things. At this point, my two major groups of things are books and pictures. I'm hoping this scanning and consolidating will take care of the latter, and the former will probably all be donated to a local second hand bookstore. I'd say I'm about 1/4 of the way done with the actual scanning, and I've already processed more than 300 photos. This is one of those grunt work projects that just never ends, that you never want to start, but you have to. And I'm definitely glad I did- I've had fun going back through them, even if doing so has sometimes felt like being in a rocket ship time machine set to random.


  1. Good luck with the scanning project. My sister sent me a huge gift card to send all our pictures into scancafe dot com - needless to say I haven't done a thing yet because pulling everything out of albums, bins etc.. with 2 kids is more of a headache then I want to deal with now.

    I really dig your blog... including pictures of food on the table ;)

  2. Thank you! I'm really happy that you like it here! :)

    And when it comes to this project I definitely need some luck :) I truly think that perhaps the worst thing really is that "pulling everything out of albums, bins, etc." part. And then hunting around for all the like pictures- there is always one hanging around hiding in the bottom of a completely different box, haha.