Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prohibition Birthday

Erin's on the left... it was her great idea to have a 1920's themed birthday party last night.. Caleb
looks pretty handsome in his suit :)
Arielle and I are pretty happy too. Anytime I get to dress up...
hang out in places like this...
Be with my wonderful friends...
and fix my hair in pin curls and feathers... it's gonna be a good night.

Happy Birthday Erin!
Thanks for letting us play dress up
And dance

It was a great time :)


  1. hi cortney,

    thanks for your comment! i thought you had an interesting perspective! my husband and i never intended for our blog to get the kind of traffic it's received. we started it just to keep in touch with family out west and post photos, videos, stories etc for them to see! we're still private people, and we actually have thought about taking our blog to "private" many times over the past months as its gained popularity. but i haven't done that mainly because i have met such great people through the blogging community and have gained such great inspiration and knowledge from it. to be clear, we do not go about our days only doing things we think would make great blog posts... we are very real regular people and i think that would make for a sad life. i think it could be easy to get sucked in (similar to reality tv like you mentioned) to the blogging world and take it to that level, but i don't know why anyone would want to. i blog about my hard and sad days just as i do my happy ones, it's 100% me on the blog. my husband and i really enjoy going out and living life and we love documenting it as a sort of journal for our future children, etc. if along the way others care to take a look, i think that is great. i'd love to contribute and give back to the many bloggers in the community who encourage and inspire me through their blogs.

    anyway, thanks for the comment. i really thought it was interesting. if you have any other thoughts on it all feel free to email me.


  2. I have started a blog. Tomorrow's entry will be dedicated to Kate Harding.