Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Few Things

I'm typing this in Panera bread, courtesy of their "free" wi-fi. I say "free" because we all know it's not free, you have to buy something, but it's a nice perk. A not so nice perk is the couple that just sat down behind me. The woman is in a windsuit and with every move it's swishy-swish-swishing (the back of our chairs are nearly touching). Her partner is chewing loudly, smacking on whatever he's eating, as he talks with his mouth full.

Anyway. Excuse my strangely short fuse...

We spent all last Sunday finishing up the unpacking of the apartment- building shelves, hanging bikes, unpacking the bathrooms, etc. I had good intentions of posting daily starting Monday, but the internet we've been filching- a random linksys wi-fi connection- disappeared. We get our real internet this coming Monday,  so hopefully I'll be able to do some catching up posts then. In general life news, it's been rainy and dreary since we got back to Fort Collins, and I've had some typical bureaucratic school BS to deal with, plus I've been feeling cooped up in the apartment with all the unpacking and organizing and figuring out where to hang pictures. You know, silly "problems" that aren't really problems but are annoying nonetheless. The highlight of today will be picking up our first CSA share of the season. I hope the rain lets off long enough for us to bike there. We also want to try out their tire swing, which will be substantially less fun if it's holding a shallow U of water in the bottom. Regardless, I know a bike ride to the farm where happy, hippie people are bringing armloads of dirty, wet, fresh picked veggies from the field will put me in a better mood. I'm also going to talk to them about volunteering on the farm this summer. I think cycling down the bike trail to the farm a few times a week to work in the sun with my hands in the dirt, learning about organic, sustainable farming will make for a great summer.


  1. you are an ugly woman, in and outwardly.

  2. Anonymous- Congrats, you're my first shitty, anonymous comment!

    I might also add, by leaving that comment, don't you think you have sacrificed any moral high ground? Just something to ponder :) Have a nice day!

  3. Wow! Well I assume with that kind of comment his only aim is to make a stranger feel bad and that he probably doesn't care much about morality or high grounds.