Friday, July 1, 2011

Hangin' Around

Bobby and I both do yoga, and we wanted to find an easy way to store our mats. I know, you can just roll them up and put them in a corner, but inevitably the fall over, roll out, or worse, they never get a chance to really air out in between sweaty vinyasa sessions. I'm sure there are all kinds of expensive ways to store one's mat, but here's what we did after brainstorming and looking around for ideas. We went to Home Depot, and bought** two wooden toilet paper roll holders and a dowel rod. Bobby measured the dowel rod and cut it to fit, and before we knew it, we had a pretty ace system for storing our mats. Check it:

 These guys are now hanging on the hallway wall, right in front of our guest room/study door. They're out of the way, and it was cheap and easy.
 Plus, they fit into the theme of "we hang our physical fitness/recreational equipment on the walls". As our friend Matt said, a bike on the wall is the most common form of art in a Colorado home. True.

While we're on the subject of cheap things to do with yoga, I highly recommend Dave Farmar's podcasts and Shiva Rea's "Yoga Shakti" DVD's for at home practice. The former is totally free, and the latter is about $20 for 4.5 hours of customizable practice. 

Happy yoga'ing!

**We did search three thrift stores before we bought them. Some things just need to be purchased new.

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