Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So, How Ya Been?

To my family and friends who read this I know I've been lazy in keeping up. Which is especially sad because didn't I just post about how I wanted to post MORE? Yeah, I'm awesome.

So, here's a quick update. The local no-kill animal shelter approved Bobby and I as volunteers. They have an amazing application process for volunteers- info session, 4 page application, background check, you have to pay a $30 fee (covers background check and volunteer t-shirt), and then once they approve you there is an orientation to attend, and after that you get trained on 4 separate occasions on how to do your volunteer job. They have all the jobs listed on the application packet, with detailed expectations as to time commitment and the types of responsibilities you'll have. Let me reiterate, I've never seen this kind of organization with any volunteer program for a non-profit. They rock. We walked dogs last weekend, and it just reinforced my raging anger at puppy mills. Please, seriously, don't spend thousands of dollars on that (albeit cute) pure bred puppy when there are so many sweethearts looking for homes!

On the job/internship front- I have an interview today as a community organizer for an environment group that advocates for clean water and sustainable energy. Also today is an appointment to drop off my resume with a youth and family services non-profit. And, hurrah, I landed an internship! It's with a sustainable development international non-profit. I did my thesis on micro-finance and empowering women, so this organization makes me geek out hard :) Right now I'm doing research and lit reviews to supplement their training materials, and in August they have a group coming from Nepal to take a training session, which I get to sit in on. In addition to all that, I decided to fill in my education gaps on the subject by getting a certificate in Community-Based Development, through the International Sustainable Development center at CSU. The director of the organization teaches it, and he's also who I work under for the internship. So, in this area, things are looking great. Basically I'm well on my way to saving the world or something like that.

Lastly, Bobby and I have been biking more and I'm still working out like mad. Right now my legs feel like they're going to fall off in fact. We're back into our West Coast swing lessons, and this weekend we're planning to camp in Rocky Mountain National Park. Lots of hikes and bike rides planned for the summer too- our first ride was 22 miles. Yes, my ass was sore, thanks for asking.

I think that gets us up to date. Colorado is gorgeous and I love living here, it just seems like things keep getting better and better.


  1. Haha I's one hell of a recipe!

    That's crazy about the glass containers. There was a whole mess at a chain of grocery stores in my area because they were charging for the ENTIRE weight of the containers plus the food. I guess service just ain't what it used to be :)

  2. I miss volunteering at the animal shelter and walking all the dogs. Its something I hope to do after my baby is born. We have three rescues at home, one of which was from a puppy mill in Texas.

  3. JennShaggy- No, no it's not! LOL, I always feel like a crotchety old lady when I complain about service :)

    Rachel- That's awesome that you adopted rescue puppies- puppy mills make me so mad! We don't currently have any pets, but walking the dogs fills that pet void for us, and it helps them too.