Thursday, June 11, 2009

Worn Out

So these are my old shoes. I got them in October of '06. I had been home from Japan for a month and a half. I'd driven all over the western United States with Mel, and she'd come home to Dallas on that trip. We were both living with Marti and Dad. We were unemployed. I had begun to receive some arduous communications. We were kind of depressed, the two of us ladies. And my shoes were full of holes from walking all over Japan. And Mel had no sweaters, as she had lived in California for the previous 6 months. So Marti took us out, and got us shoes and sweaters, respectively. I wear my Cons 355 days out of the year, so considering it's been three years of such abuse, these look pretty good. But Marti told me that once more she was going to buy me shoes without holes...
So here they are. Shiny. New. Way to bright way and dark black. I don't trust them. They're stiff as well. I just have to remind myself that what started off looking like this ^
Will eventually fade to the beautiful, comfy specimen you see on the right.
R.I.P. my darlings. You've been good to me.

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